— The search for honourable professionals —

Wanted in the psy-disciplines (psychology, psychotherapy and psychiatry) honourable individuals who, despite the University Discourse, still have a commitment to impartial assessment based on scientific principles of empirical verification.

By University Discourse (as described by Jacques Lacan) we mean the output of academics who are superficially defending academic independence and freedom while surreptitiously supplying research expressly designed to buttress dominant, and often oppressive, ideological discourses in society.

One of the objectives of the project is to expose the implementation of such discourse for profit by dishonourable expert witnesses in the family courts. Another is to identify experts, who, although well-meaning, tend ideologically to support the authorities and may be unaware of this.

Two chosen expert witness reports have been examined by a writer/journalist with help from a retired psychoanalyst and if the two critiques are accepted by other professionals as reasonable they are a shocking example of how the psychiatric industry and its allied professionals (notably clinical psychologists) are supporting child protection services through the use of paid expert witnesses in an alliance which may be far from benign.

The proposed procedure is to ask other professionals who have been described as working to standards of integrity or honourable to comment on the two critiques. Professional bodies who publish standards will also be approached as well as the universities from which the authors of the reports have graduated.

It is also planned to appeal to families to reveal other psychiatric reports of a doubtful nature produced through expert witnesses, which have resulted in the removal of their children.

The reports are here.

Experts approached for comment.

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