—  The greatest fraud of our times? —

This is the unholy alliance of psychiatrists and the pharmaceuticals industry, which is resulting not just in an assault on society but now on children and childhood itself and all for profit. So outrageous is what it has gotten away with that it has now managed to diagnose normal childhood behaviour as a mental illness.

The main video is almost 3 hours long so it may help to pause and write down the points of re-start.

Watch it here.

The more serious researcher may also like to reflect on the idea that the spurious DSM manual being used by psychiatrists is actually a modern version of the Inquisition's Malleus Maleficarum. That medieval torture manual and other videos about this subject can be studied here.

Meanwhile, almost a half million people in the US are in prison or otherwise ruined because of drugs offences but they are the victims of the epidemic created by the psychiatrists and the phoney war on drugs which can be looked at in this short video.

See how the war on drugs is being lost.

In addition to guns, are prescribed drugs behind the mass shootings in the US? With help from social workers and teachers and backed up by the police, psychiatrists can now have your children taken away if you refuse to drug them. Watch it here.

Have your children been prescribed mind-altering drugs by unscrupulous psychiatrists?

If so, you need to take urgent action and one way we propose you do this is to let us write your story, either under your own name or using a pseudonym, which we will try to place freely with mainstream media and, if we fail to do so, publish it here and on other web sites, at no cost to you, of course, and perhaps on a shared commission basis. The main purpose of this exercise is to protect and even save your child and to expose the charlatan psychiatrists doing this. The greater good is to stop this process before massive social damage has been done.

If you are in any doubt about whether the psychiatrist is doing more harm than good, then it behoves you to read some material and watch some devastating videos. Both can be seen below.

The psychiatrist may be exploiting you and destroying your child with assistance from naive teachers, and arrogant social workers and could soon even use the police and courts to force further mind-altering medicines on your child. This has already begun in the US, so take a stand now.

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