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Core Assets is a giant in British and Irish fostering, in the hugely profitable business of taking the burden of fostering from local authorities and dealing direct with foster parents or with the association of foster carers which it also owns.

Core Assets has, or has had, directors who are also directors of Camhs Consultants, which has operated 'a wide range of successful children and adolescent mental health services projects, large and small, over a number of years. It has expanded to cover the whole of England and receive regional and national commissions from both the Department of Health and the Department of Children, Schools and Families'.

Core Assets also owns Fostering First in Ireland which receives millions from the HSE for providing foster care.

Bad? Wait for it!

Carter Brown advises Social Services and the courts about the removal of children from their parents. It uses around 200 'expert witnesses', paediatricians, psychiatrists, psychologists and 'independent' (quotes added) social workers with experience in both family law and criminal law proceedings. These earn big fees giving 'expert testimony'. It is on their word that judges remove children from their parents.

They work for and are paid by the company which makes vast profit from fostering the removed children. Carter Brown has recently been acquired by Core Assets.

Experts who advise Social Services and the courts about the removal of children from their parents, who also work for the companies which earn big money by taking these children from their parents, are not just involved in a conflict of interest but are engaged with their partners in criminal activity. Some cynically call it the 'perjury industry'.

If you look for the foster carers association in the UK you would expect to find an association of foster carers, not a big company, but the Foster Carer's Association (FCA) in the UK is a trading name of Core Assets Fostering Limited. http://www.thefca.co.uk/)

So in 50 locations across the UK, Core Assets owns the foster carers. But, you might say, it's just good relations with an important part of its client base, the foster parents. But what about its other client, the Local Authority in the UK and the HSE in Ireland?

It openly boasts about its partnerships with each. Apart from placing children, it is supplying a multi-faceted advisory service to each and to their Social Services officials on the key aspects of child removal, including expert advice and independent expert assessment. In their own words "We have our own Foster Carers, Social Workers, Therapists and Education Liaison Officers." In other words it is being paid by local authorities for advice about whether or not to place children into its own hands at considerable profit.

But the worst is that this child placement industry operates through secret courts 'for the protection of the children'. One of the few professionals allowed into these courts to influence the child removal decision is the expert witness.

This is what Carter Brown say on their web site: "We're happy to work with your local authority to ensure the assessment needs of children and families are met. We're already working with a number of local authorities throughout the country, and our assessments can take as little as two weeks."

So the circle is complete. The people advising judges in the secret family courts to take children from parents are being paid not just for this advice but given huge sums to place them with their own foster carers.

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