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The British writer, Ben Capel, reminds us that hate is not the deadliest opposite to love but that indifference is. It is the deadly indifference to the plight of children after the State and its social workers seize them and place them in so-called 'care' that destroys their lives. The lives of their natural parents have already been destroyed.

The US

In 2009, the American filmmaker, Bill Bowen, released a trailer for a documentary titled Innocence Destroyed. Before he could complete the full film he died of a heart attack.

The trailer is in three parts below.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

The UK and Ireland

Because of the draconian legislation in Ireland and the UK protecting the secret family courts and the activities of social workers, the issue has been addressed through a dramatic documentary using actors.

Adventures of two 13 year old girls in care

Conflict of interest

There are at least three huge areas of conflict of interest.

The fostering industry
The legal profession
The psychiatric profession

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